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AUGUST 11, 2009


The Tripod Entertainment Team hit the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks back for five days of hanging out with all our fellow otaku and promoting "War of the Worlds: Goliath" daily at the mighty Heavy Metal Booth.
We rolled into San Diego seven strong—myself and my fellow producers, Leon Tan and Mike Bloemendal, writer/producer David Abramowitz, voice director Gavin Yap, storyboard artist Park Min, and my beautiful wife, Lisa.

Like Goliath Squad we were a true international band of brothers from four different countries of origin and we hit the Con heavily armed with more then 5,000 giveaway t-shirts, posters and 24-page art books on the movie—all Convention exclusives, and courtesy of our sponsors and friends at MDeC in Kuala Lumpur.
And we were armed with our ultimate weapon, our first "War of the Worlds: Goliath" TRAILER: a pounding, two-minute visual assault that generally elicited a throaty "This is EPIC!" response from the viewers.
But you can judge that for yourselves, as we are POSTING THE TRAILER for the first time on our site, along with a 12-minute "Behind the Scenes" promo.

Just go to:

We really want to hear your thoughts/reaction to the trailer so please give us your feedback on the "Forum Link" on our home page here at Heavy Metal.

At the Con we were joined by three of our talented voice actors in the film, Peter Wingfield, James Arnold Taylor, and of course, the Highlander himself—Adrian Paul. We signed more than 3,000 separate items and met with literally thousands of fans. All three actors were real troopers and spent a lot of time and energy signing for the fans and lending their wholehearted support to our little epic. Thanks again guys.

Our Executive Producer Kevin Eastman was generous to a fault and invited us to share time at his "Spotlight on Kevin Eastman" event on Thursday where we were able to show our Trailer and "Behind the Scenes" promo on a large screen to a hall full of enthusiastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans. The response was tremendous.

Thanks again, Kevin! It was a blast showing the trailer at the panel and spending five days with you and the Heavy Metal crew at the booth. This is a truly talented and sweet group of people—Kevin and his lovely lady Pamela; her boy Peter and her mom and dad; Kevin’s executive director, the irascible Howard Jurofsky (the Rock behind the Heavy Metal empire); the amazing "Fistful of Blood" producing team Digger and Cordelia; the Italian Stallion and artist supreme, Lorenzo Sperlonga and his lady, the beautiful Tanya; Luis Royo and the Norma team; the always smiling Lindsey; the talented "Florescent Black" comics team of Mat Wilson and Nathan Fox; the always stunning and sweet, Julie Strain herself; and many others.

And finally, a special thanks to MDeC for sponsoring us at the Con and to their man on the spot, Rob Cayzer. It was great sharing the Booth with all of you in the middle of Comic Con Madness. I know that I speak for the entire "War of the Worlds: Goliath" team when I say that we look forward to doing it with you all again next year.

And then there were the many booth drop-ins—British artist/writer Liam Sharp; painter and colorist Snakebite; "War of the Worlds: Goliath" storyboard artists Rick Hoberg, Jim Mitchell, and Robert Souza; and the voice of Manfred Von Richthofen himself, Joey D’Auria.

It was an exhilarating five days. And it was all due to the enthusiastic response from the steampunk/Highlander/anime/War of the Worlds/Heavy Metal-crazed fans of all ages that we got to meet and spend some time with at the Con. Your fantastic reaction to our Trailer and art made all the hard work we’ve done on the film so far, more than worth it.

You guys "get it"! You know exactly what we’re trying to do with "War of the Worlds: Goliath". As we roll into the last of the storyboards and continue the hard work of animation on the film, we are fueled by all of YOU and your heartfelt appreciation and support of what we’re trying to do in our animated epic.

So, THANKS, everyone.

And remember, SAN DIEGO PART 2 should be coming in a week or two.

Now for some photos—

Here’s Park Min in front of the HM Booth and the mighty "War of the Worlds: Goliath" banner.
Mike, showing off our giveaway poster. It’s already for sale on e-bay!
Here’s a pic of our Voice Director, Gavin Yap, having a "moment" with a rather large mecha from James Cameron’s “Avatar”. He looks happy, doesn’t he?
Mr. Eastman at work.
Looking at the Trailer with some fans.
Adrian Paul, signing and smiling.
Lisa and Park Min.
The talented Lorenzo Sperlonga in a moment of enlightenment.
Peter Wingfield signing for his many fans.
Giving out posters.
Posing with some kind of steampunk "mime"?
Adrian and David "having a laugh".
"Gav and the Min" hanging. (sounds like a new cop show)
With "Duncan Macleod" himself.
Leon and Kevin Eastman after a special Contract signing (soon to be announced!)
Adrian and Carmel MacPherson next to our "War of the Worlds: Goliath” main poster.
Talking to an interested fan as the Judge watches carefully in the background for signs of criminal behavior. Or perhaps he was simply waiting to get his "War of the Worlds: Goliath" poster signed. Co-producer Leon, Gav and Park Min are in the foreground.
Signing with Methos.
Adrian and Peter. That’s amazing, two Immortals together and no swordplay! Only at Comic Con!
And finally, storyboard artist and animator, Park Min, posing with my favorite costume of the Con—"Saturday Night Trooper". Genius.


Best, JOE
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