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MAY 31, 2011


For the last month I’ve been working in Tripod’s Venice Beach studio editing the approximately 1,600 individual scenes that are making up “War of the Worlds: Goliath”. My partner in the edit is Ms. Anne Foenander, one of East Asia’s top editors.

Together, Anne and I have been working eight hours a day, six days a week (sometimes seven!), cutting, trimming and at times, dramatically re-arranging the edit and cut of entire sequences.

Personally, it’s been a terrific learning experience for me to be able to mind meld with a pro with the experience of Ms. Foenander and I think the feeling’s mutual.

In many ways she really sets the scene-to-scene pace of the film, calling many of the additional in-scene camera moves, truck ins and outs, pans, static shots, and intercuts that give a film its unique rhythm and mood.

My main focus has been on overall continuity, keeping true to the intent of the story arc and suggesting the intercutting of the many shots that were designed to be a bit more modular in the movie’s numerous battle scenes. Sometimes we would pull in shots from other sequences to add more dynamic movement and continuity to the sequence we were currently editing.

In this sense we were editing a little more like a live action film in those sequences, than a normal animated feature where every shot can tend to be preplanned from the very beginning.

Here are a few pictures of Anne and myself at work—

I’m getting pretty excited about the way our little saga has come together. I think Anne and I have managed a good balance between our squad of heroes and their personal stories and dramas and the big screen mayhem of our epic giant mecha battles. (And trust me, there are a LOT of battles).

But in the end, it’s going to be up to you all as the viewers to make the final judgment on that. And that day is coming soon, I promise (!) We’re slated to get in all final retakes on the film from our team at Sun Min Image Pictures in Seoul by the end of June and then begin the three month Post Production process of audio and picture post in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’ll be traveling to Kuala Lumpur at that point for the final edit tightening and to sit in on the beginning of the long Post Production process.

NEXT WEEK we’ll feature our extensive interview with the author of “War of the Worlds: Goliath”’s screenplay, the immensely talented David Abramowitz. As many of you know, David was the Show Runner on the long running “Highlander” TV series and many other terrific shows and features. David will share some “war stories” from his earlier gigs and his insights on writing for animation.

And now for your viewing pleasure some more screen grabs of footage from our movie.

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