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JULY 17, 2009

Joe Pearson here again for the second "War of the Worlds: Goliath" Blog.

My apologies for not getting something up sooner, but it's been a wild and wooly two months since the first blog.

Production on "War of the Worlds: Goliath" has taken off like a rocket and I've been spending most of my time fielding tons of questions about storyboards, character design and color, background design and color and CG animation or character animation from our team's in L.A., Seoul and Kuala Lumpur. And doing most of this long distance from my office in Venice Beach, California makes it even more time consuming as I've got to write everything out in very long and detailed e-mails.

Thank God for my mighty Mac Book Pro and its tremendous storage and organizational programs!

But there's nothing like face-to-face communication with my brother artists and that's what I just had in a two week production swing through Asia. I've just returned from a week in Seoul and a week in Kuala Lumpur and it was FANTASTIC. All the designers and animators are really stepping it up on the movie.

In my week at Sun Min Image Pictures in Seoul I had a chance to review the semi-finished work on our first three sequences and I was stunned. The integration of 2D characters and mighty CG mecha combined with edgy AfterEFX rendering and camera have created something very strong and unique. The style is developing as hoped into a very indy film mix of anime, American direct to DVD sensibilities and an almost lurid "old school" Underground mix, reminiscent of some of Bashi's films and the first Heavy Metal movie.

A picture speaks a thousand words so I'm putting up a few screen shots from our first few sequences. It will give you a small taste of what we're doing, but if you really want to SEE some final footage then look out for us at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON next week!

Yes, Tripod Entertainment will be holding forth daily at the mighty Heavy Metal booth at the Con!

We will be hosting daily autograph signingS with two of our main voice actors, Peter Wingfield and Adrian Paul. You may know these talented gents as the seminal characters "Methos" and "Duncan MacLeod" from the Highlander TV series.

Peter will be signing at the Heavy Metal Booth on Sunday from 1—4 and Adrian will be signing for TWO days at the Booth. Friday and Saturday from 1—4.

They say, "there can be only one", but in THIS case, we’re going to have TWO.

I’ll be there signing and so will our writer, David (Highlander) Abramowitz and of course the mighty Mr. Eastman may take his hand to the task.

And WHAT will we be signing, you may ask?

A ton of great swag!

T-Shirts, high quality posters and a 24 page ART BOOK on the movie!

Art of War Of The WorldsArt of War Of The WorldsTee Shirt

But wait, there’s more!

We’ll be screening a killer 2 minute Trailer from our movie on a loop at the Booth, which will blow your minds (and whet your steam punk appetites) and a 12 minute behind-the-scenes "Making Of" documentary which feature more footage, designs and some great interviews and pieces on many of our actors, designers, writers and producers.

Art of War Of The Worlds
Look for our giant "War of the Worlds: Goliath" poster which will be hanging above the Heavy Metal Booth and look us up! We’d love to meet you.

Finally, we’ll also be a part of the Kevin Eastman panel on Thursday from 2—3 so if you want to see our Trailer on the Big Screen come on out for that.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you at the Con.

Here’s some pictures below from some of our finished footage—

Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds Art of War Of The Worlds
Best, JOE
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