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JANUARY 21, 2011


In this Blog I’d like to share a production update with you all on “War of the Worlds: Goliath” along with a sampling of a number of still shots from some of the really fantastic images we’re getting in.

95% of the movie’s Take 1 footage is now in. That’s approximately 1400 of our film’s 1500 plus individual scenes. And our animation team at Sun Min Image Pictures in Seoul promises to deliver the remainder by the end of the month.

That doesn’t mean that we are done. Far from it. Most of the Take 1 scenes need to be “plused” in some way or the other— animation improved, ink and paint improved, added or modified effects and shadow tone, etc. Only a few hundred scenes would currently qualify as “final” at this point, but we are getting close.

And that’s pretty exciting. I am currently planning an extended trip to our Post Production partners at Base Camp studio in Kuala Lumpur to spend the long weeks needed to edit the final film. That should take a month. And after the picture is “locked” then Base Camp can begin color correction and image “sweetening” while Tripod’s team at our mighty Imaginex Studios audio house will work their magic with voice, sound, effects and music.

So we’ve got ways to go, but I am pretty confident that we should be able to finish the film by late June on the outside. Hopefully that will enable us to do a premiere at a certain large convention in San Diego this July—“God willing and the Martian’s don’t invade!”

Below is a sampling of still frames from some of the more recent footage from our movie. I think you’ll understand what I’m saying about the growing quality of the work.

As we enter our last six months of production on “War of the Worlds: Goliath” I’m going to attempt to increase the frequency of production Blogs to a bi-weekly or weekly basis so stay tuned.

Next week we’ll continue our look back on the early design process of the film.

Production Blog