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JANUARY 12, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s a special New Year’s Blog that I call—

“Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.” No it’s a ZEPPELIN!

I wanted to tell you the tale of something fantastic that Lisa and I witnessed a few days ago.

Living in beautiful Venice Beach California I am often privileged to witness a blimp or bi-plane sighting. At least once or twice a month the Goodyear Blimp will churn by about 800 feet overhead and we get very regular sunset flybys from a number of local bi-planes. All very “War of the Worlds: Goliath” steampunky and something I always take as a good luck sign.

But last week I saw something I have never seen before—a full blown zeppelin sighting. Yes, an honest to god, ZEPPELIN!

Lisa and I had headed down to the beach for a walk at sunset to enjoy the super clear air and fantastic clouds from the previous week’s rain. We ended up at one of our new favorite spots, the rooftop bar/restaurant of the Hotel Erwin, located right in the heart of Venice Beach.

It’s a very hip bar/restaurant with a very nice, loungey “vibe” and stunning 360-degree views stretching from the ocean to Downtown L.A., twenty-five miles inland. Lisa and I commandeered a beachfront lounge and ordered up some firewater.

Well about a half hour after the amazing sunset we were nursing our cocktails and talking to some new friends at an adjacent booth when I noticed something moving over the twilight mountains just beyond Westwood/UCLA (about six miles away as the crow flies). Something BIG.

As I watched, it resolved itself into a long cigar shape, blimp-like, but much longer and not as “chunky” as a blimp. OMG, was that a zeppelin? Cruising over L.A.? The UFO moved closer, passing about a mile and a half mile east of our perch and it was clearly a zeppelin!

Joy! My first zeppelin sighting!

Yes friends California apparently has its own zeppelin, the “Eureka”. And at 246 feet, it’s the largest zeppelin in the world. It was built and run by Airship Ventures located up in the Bay Area and is to be the first of a number of zepps that AV plans to build and operate.

Here’s the link and some more detailed photos on the Eureka that I picked up online. I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that she’s a beauty.

Since this IS a “War of the Worlds: Goliath” site and blog, I’m posting up some images and specs of OUR zeppelin, the “Leviathan”, as designed by the mighty Studio Climb.

At 1300 feet in length, the “Leviathan” and her sister zeppelins (yes, ARES has a fleet of super zepps) are a bit longer than the “Eureka”. About five times longer. And they’re armored and heavily weaponed-up, and carry a whole bunch of tripods and aircraft.

But then the good folks at Airship Ventures only have NASA tech to build off of. Our ARES boys have retrofitted Martian tech AND Nikola Tesla. No contest really. Still, any zeppelin flying over my hometown is a good zeppelin, and my hat’s off to the visionaries at AV.

And here’re some still shots from our movie of the Leviathan in action

Long live the Zepp!

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