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DECEMBER 20, 2010

Welcome to our sixteenth Production Blog for “War of the Worlds: Goliath”.

We will continue with our in-depth look at the preproduction/development art that was done for our film, but first I have a special announcement. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the current newsstand issue of Heavy Metal magazine go out and grab it now as the first of our “War of the Worlds: Goliath” comics stories is featured in the current issue.

It’s a dark beauty titled: “Cargo” and is a short, but powerful story which details a dark little side story in the war against the Martian invaders. Here’s a sample of the art by the tremendous Malaysian talent—Nanzo!

And here are three finished pages by three more of the upcoming “War of the Worlds: Goliath” comics stories that will be running in various issues and culminating in an all “War of the Worlds: Goliath” special San Diego Comic Con issue of the magazine this summer.

This is from the violent little epic—“Outpost”.

And this is a page from the powerful and touching “The Oath”.

And last, but not least, the trippy “Legacy”.

I’m personally extremely excited by the chance to bring the art and writing these absolutely top notch Malaysian artists and writers to the worldwide audience that they deserve to be seen by.

And I’d like to thank both Heavy Metal master, Kevin Eastman and our friends at the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for making these stories possible.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Blog…

This week I want to share with you some of the tremendous Concept Design paintings done for us by the mighty Studio Climb team of Spencer Ooi and Wei Siong. At this time, we hadn’t written the full script, so they were simply extrapolating the visuals based on the initial Epoch Ink animation designs.

So there are a lot of things in these paintings that we don’t see in the film—Eric getting face to face with a Martian, Roosevelt and Kushnirov having a private meeting in Teddy’s study, Martian Flying Saucers (!) and ARES and Martian Tripods with force fields (no force fields in the final movie, I promise you).

But, they’re all strong and compelling images and would have made for a different, but equally cool movie. And maybe they are, in a parallel dimension.

And many of them are remarkably close to scenes that eventually made it into our script. And they were ALL completely inspiring to the whole creative team as we ramped up for production.

“A Quiet Chat”

I love this piece and wish we had time for this scene in our movie. It’s very evocative, and so well composed that you know exactly that they’re discussing the fact that time is getting short. The Enemy will return.

Somehow it also feels like this could have been a scene in Disney’s “Atlantis” animated feature.

“Running through No Man’s Land”

Another scene that’s not exactly in the movie, but it inspired something similar.

“Shields Up!”

No force fields in our movie, but if there were, ARES would definitely have it on their mecha. In fact, with Nikola Tesla brainstorming for the organization, who knows what the sequels will feature…

“ARES Hangar”
“Wells in Trouble”

Defiant to the end.

“ARES Marching into Battle”

The boys on the move. The Tripod design’s changed, but this scene definitely made the cut. No tanks though.


I love it. Very classically “Alien Invasion”. ‘Reminds me of the classic Wally Wood “Mars Attacks” cards of my youth.

“Cockpit Crunch Time”

Again, very close to an actual scene with our Red Baron.

“Death of an ARES Tripod”
“Heroic Rescue”

Again, not far removed from an eventual scene we did. In fact, these concept paintings acted as an inspiration for us to write in a long Sequence where we get our heroes out of the Tripod and onto the ground during a long fight with the Enemy. And yes, they do rescue some civilians from a fate absolutely worse than death.


Again, this was an inspiration for a later Sequence.

“Jennifer in Trouble”

Again, surprisingly close to an actual scene.

“Last Stand”

This was a concept painting from a battle outside of St. Peterberg between the Imperial Russian Army and the Martians, complete with a stirring Cossack Charge against the Tripods.

In the end it had to be cut because of our length.

This was one of the first scenes I wrote in my initial 10 page treatment, and cutting it out was the hardest creative decision that I’ve ever made. Cossacks and Tripods. Joy!

It would have been so cool…

But I’ll make a deal with you, dear audience. If you guys get out there and support our little epic. If “War of the Worlds: Goliath” does well enough to warrant a follow-up, then this sequence will open the sequel.

I promise!

Last, but not least, I’d like to hear from YOU as to whether you like the content we’re putting together for each Blog. Please feel free to drop us a line and comment on the Forum page. Let us know if you like what you see or if you’ve got suggestions for some things you’d LIKE to see, or just have questions.

My fellow Producers and I promise to respond in a timely fashion.

We’ll show you the whole process of developing and honing in on our final character look with designs by Studio Climb, Sandra Khoo, Jose Lopez and the mighty Director Lee.

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