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SEPTEMBER 22, 2010

Korean Travel Blog Part 4

Hi everyone,

This is a bit out of continuity as we’ve had several blogs in-between this one and Part 3 of the Travel Blog, but I thought it was worth breaking continuity to report on our presentations of “War of the Worlds: Goliath” at the Paris and San Diego Comic Cons.

Well, this week’s blog will continue the story of my production trip to Seoul last May and show you a bit more of the hands-on production process in Seoul and the various talents involved. In a few weeks we’ll upload the last of the Travel Blogs.

So take a deep breath and journey back to last May and the tail end of the twelve-day production trip to Seoul, South Korea.

Day 10, May 12th
Back at the Sun Min production office. Working as a team, Leon, Spencer and I continue the painstaking process of reviewing and checking finished Take 1 scenes and fielding questions from the different members of Sun Min’s production staff.

In the Sun Min office. Spencer poses next to the magnificent
“War of the Worlds: Goliath” poster that he and Wei Siong
produced at Studio Climb.

I spent some time reviewing a large number of scenes from Sequence 12 where a small army of ARES tripods are holding war games and run head long into a…well, I don’t want to do any SPOILERS here, so suffice to say that there’s lots of big mecha moving about and firing everything they’ve got. Heat rays, machine guns, missiles, and cannons. The works.

That’s a lot of EFX to have to match and overlay, but I have to give Sun Min credit, the semi-finished footage looks gorgeous and is 90% there, even as unchecked footage. It’s already a rich and powerful mixture of moody atmosphere, beautifully painted BG’s, giant tripods, battle zeppelins and lots of lovely mayhem.

Director Sang reviewing footage from Sequence 12.

Below a series of stills from this sequence—

Later in the day I reviewed color key with “War of the Worlds: Goliaths” cell color supervisor/designer, the talented Ms. Minra Choi took over last year from the equally talented Ms. Myoung-Hwa Han. The color harmony and our movie’s rich palette and texture are largely due to the hard work of these two talented artists. We’ve worked closely together to work out the main colors of our large cast of characters and now they are working daily with Directors Sang and Yang on individual Sequence Color.

Ms. Han, studio translator Ji-nah and me last year at Ms. Han’s

Some of Ms. Han’s color design—

Ms. Choi at her workstation.

Some of Ms. Choi’s work—

Below are some samples of their work in the actual production with some lovely frames from Sequence 12.

That evening, we had a dinner with about half of the movie’s creative team.

Spencer and Chienni.

Chienni and studio production manager, Mr. Jeon.

Jeon and Sun Min’s current translator, Ms. Shinjae Chung.

Leon and Chienni checking out the street food outside of Sun Min’s offices.

Next week: the final installment of the Korean production trip.

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